Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday morning

I started this blog over the weekend, when I had plenty of time to scan the net, write what I felt, and make formatting adjustments to my site. Now it's Monday morning, and the realization has hit me that I won't have as much time as I'd like to update At The Gratings.

You see, I don't own my own firm, so I'm at the mercies of others who are very possessive of my time. Stands to reason. I don't have a problem with that in the least, mind you; that goes with the territory of working for someone else. But it does mean that I won't be able to make continuous daily updates like the more "professional" bloggers. At least not yet.

My time will also be somewhat limited at night, too, what with my duties to The Wife, The Boy and The Boy 2d. But I'll work on rearranging my time budget.

I'll try to sneak in as much time as I can to update, but I can't promise anything at present. Please keep checking back, though. I want to make this as interesting as I can for my readers.


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