Friday, February 09, 2007

The Patriette is going off for a while

The Patriette, one of the blogs I had linked to, is taking time off, much for the same reasons I did a while back.
I will be taking a vacation from this blog for awhile. My daughter is
getting older and needs more of my time (she is playing more and sleeping less).
I am taking a graduate course this spring.

To put it simply - I'm tired. I'm tired of the politicians. I am tired
of the media. I'm tired of the people asking how I'm doing and when he'll be
home. I'm tired of people asking me what I think of the President, of the
military, of the deployment. I'm tired and I need more rest and less stress. So
I am taking a break from blogging.

I may post something now and then, but there are just not enough hours
in my day to write regularly anymore.

I'm hip. I get tired of the lot of them in that City on a Swamp. I haven't met a politician yet that was worth his weight in a bag of dead rats.

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