Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm back (of a sort)

After taking a year and a half off from my blog, I've decided to return.

Blogging during that time was hard, if not impossible. I had a job that required massive time, I was going through a very turbulent period in my marriage, and I was right off politics and cultural issues. In other words, I couldn't gin up the energy to write, cleverly or otherwise.

Now I have a job that is much less stressful and demanding (while still making the same money -- go figure), I have developed more tools to deal with my still-less-than-wholly-satisfying marriage, and I'm slightly more interested in politics and culture again. Besides, I didn't want to lose my Blogger account for good.

So, your humble Boatswain's Mate has returned. I can't promise to post multiple times everyday. I'm not exactly a member of the Pajamas Media. I do work for a living. And I can't promise that everything will be politically or culturally relevant. But I am who I am.

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