Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How truly pathetic

Some DUers never cease to amaze me.

Can you believe that the 2000/2004 elections could actually cause a marriage to break up? One DUer reported that it did.

Do you know any relationships that ended because of this past election?

Part of the whole picture. He's a Republican and I'm an Independent. He voted for Bush (both times) and I voted for Gore and Kerry. He was out of work of over a year (IT) and got a job in Florida. I refuse to go there; red state mentality, ONE Bush is bad enough, etc. Just goes against my whole being of who I am and what I believe in. True Blue Northeastern. We were married 30 years.

There had to have been more to it that that. I mean, that someone's petty, partisan political positions (there's a little alliteration for you) would cause someone to end a 30-year relationship?

That's truly sad. What a miserable existence.


Joel said...

Be fair here, the message was even prefaced with "Part of the whole picture." Personally, I find it unlikely that this would have caused the dissolution of a 30 year marriage unless there was some other underlying communication issues. People have divorced over sports teams, so why not over 'politics?'

steven edward streight said...

Politics is a grate thing to divorce or dovetail over.

If a Republican according to Plato's Republic can see the secrets writ large on the stifled celebration, why can't I?

Vaspers the Grate