Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Please let this be the start of something real

Headline:Palestinians recoiling from suicide bombs; even some militants distance themselves from last weekend's attack.

Indeed, after years of celebrating suicide attackers as heroes, Palestinians are souring on suicide-bombings like the one last weekend, which emboldens many of them to question whether strikes at Israel will hasten their goal of establishing an independent state. It's a shift many link to the election of Mr. Abbas - a vocal critic of the militarization of the Palestinian uprising - as well as the emerging d├ętente with Israel.

Amid Israeli outrage and international affront in the wake of the attack, Abbas called the perpetrators mukharebin, Arabic for saboteurs, and a term which observers said has never before been applied to suicide bombers.

While I'm far too cynical and jaded to believe that the tide has turned in favour of peace in the sunnier climes, I can still hope.

How amazing would it be if we could look back on 2005 as the year freedom and peace germinated in the ME.

V: O Lord, let thy mercy be showed upon us.
R: As we do put our trust in thee.


Anonymous said...


As a member of the slacker generation, I am too lazy to actually fill out a profile.

But, then, I am first!

Does this make me a wizard? Or a true star?

My Todd, why have you forsaken me!

So, what did you do for Kwanzaa?

I smoked a bunch of crack, listened to the Dixie Chicks, tried to talk some teenager girls into getting abortions, wrote a letter to the NYTIMES, all while riding around in the limosine I rented with food stamps and my extra welfare checks.

The good news is that the White House has approved my Day Pass!


Helen Thomas

Carmen said...

I'm posting this just to demonstrate to you, myself, and the world that I don't disagree with you about everything.

La la la la la, give peace a chance.

texasmonkey said...

So, what exactly is it you disagree with me about?

And, yes, I am still too lazy to fill out a profile.

M0NKEYDOG said...
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M0NKEYDOG said...

I guess it worked.

Anonymous texasmonkey is now monkeydog.

I'll try a new identity when the meds wear off.

Carmen said...

Oh, I didn't mean you, anonymoustexasmonkeydog. I meant The Boatswain's Mate, a.k.a. Ninja Ray.

And I'm also too lazy to fill out a profile. Plus, I already have a blog. Signing up for two would smack of too much hipsterism for my taste.

M0NKEYDOG said...


what's your blog?

i really should be working, but, thought I'd help a buddy by defacing his new blog!